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Nominal Capacities
91 to 231 Input Mbh

80% AFUE

Heat Exchanger - Lifetime
Parts - 1 Year

Oil Furnace (P*LBX)
Coleman oil furnaces offer very efficient heating, plus proven reliability, rugged construction, simple controls, and easy annual service. Dedicated highboy models are available for upflow applications, as are lowboy models. Multi-position downflow/horizontal models can be easily converted to either application. All units are built for long life and efficient operation, utilizing Beckett® flame retention burners.

Special Benefits
  • Proven “square drum” heat exchanger—16 gauge, all-welded construction.
  • Hard cast ceramic combustion chamber for proper flame control and long reliability.
  • Most models are equipped with fan relay for easy add-on air conditioning.
  • All units are approved for multiple firing rates for easy application.
  • Dedicated highboy (upflow) and lowboy models eliminate field conversion.
  • Heavy 20-gauge cabinet for strength and quiet operation.
  • Quiet four-speed, direct-drive blower motors on most models.

Publications and Manuals
DescriptionPart NumberFile Size
Consumer Brochures
Consumer Brochure - Comforteer™ PHM/PDH/PLB Series Residential Oil Furnaces 364891-CCB-A-0408 979 KB PDF
Tech Guides
Technical Guide - P*HM, P*DH, P*LB 80% AFUE Oil-Fired Furnaces 246700-BTG-A-0605 258 KB PDF
Accessory Installation Instructions
Installation Accessory - 2TC03700124 Twinning Kit 035-14572-000-A-0800 536 KB PDF
Submittal Drawings
Submittal Data Sheet - P*HM, P*DH, P*LB Oil-Fired Furnaces 036-22960-001-A-0605 88 KB PDF
Repair Parts
Repair Parts - P*LBX Lowboy Oil-Fired Furnace with Blower Section 035-17727-001-B-0103 95 KB PDF
Repair Parts - P2LB Lowboy Oil-Fired Furnace 035-17771-001-D-1206 241 KB PDF
Repair Parts - P3LBX Lowboy Oil-Fired Furnace 035-18758-001-B-0903 122 KB PDF
Repair Parts - P4LB Lowboy Oil-Fired Furnace 035-17772-001-D-0312 124 KB PDF
User Manuals
User Manual - 60 Hz Oil Burner Instruction Manual for types "F" and "M" air tubes 035-18783-001-A-0803 1851 KB PDF
User Manual - Oil-Fired Warm Air Furnace 280197-UUM-A-1206 147 KB PDF
Warranty Information
Warranty - Residential/Commercial Equipment Warranty 11481-URC-L-0409 37 KB PDF

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