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Coleman® Mini-Split Air Conditioners
and Heat Pumps
Coleman® Echelon™ Series and LX Series Ductless Mini-Split Systems are the compact, high efficiency alternative to central air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Refrigerant circulates from the outdoor unit to a trim, wall-mounted indoor unit that lets you set temperature and humidity levels for each unit in each room. A mini-split not only saves more energy and makes you more comfortable, it also eliminates the typical cost and hassle of installing ducts.

Here’s what makes it work
A mini-split system uses a compact, extremely efficient outdoor condenser to circulate refrigerant directly to a trim, wall mounted indoor air handler. The air handler can be installed in family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens, providing more comfort control and more efficient air conditioning in less space.

The basic components of a mini-split system are:
  • A condensing unit (the outdoor section)
  • A matching indoor air handler that includes an evaporator coil
  • Refrigerant lines that connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit
  • Portable wireless remote or wall monitor that controls the entire system

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