Coleman® Indoor Air Quality Products

A Healthier Indoor Environment, Every Day

Coleman® HVAC has a complete range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, air filters and ultraviolet air purifiers to complete your heating and air conditioning system.


YORK® | Residential Indoor Air Quality
Cleaner, More Comfortable Indoor Air

Our IAQ products optimize humidity levels and purify indoor air to mitigate the irritations that come with dry or stale air, as well as potential health concerns resulting from bacteria and airborne viruses.

YORK® | Residential Indoor Air Quality
Reduced Cost of Ownership

Our IAQ products are designed to integrate seamlessly with your Coleman® HVAC system for improved air quality and more efficient operation.

YORK® | Residential Indoor Air Quality
Unmatched Support

Certified Comfort Expert™ Contractors ensure your indoor air quality equipment is installed correctly from day one, for years of energy-efficient comfort.

YORK® | Residential Indoor Air Quality
Absolute Assurance

Many of our IAQ products can help achieve the right humidity levels for your home, keeping you comfortable no matter the season.

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