The Coleman® HVAC Difference

With a history of reliability and innovation, Coleman® HVAC systems are designed for greater efficiency in real-world conditions. Find out how.

A Legacy of Innovation and Rugged Reliability

Every building presents a chance to provide comfort that's more efficient, more intelligent and more reliable. 

At Coleman® HVAC, we leverage our long history of innovation to deliver HVAC equipment that help create healthier, more efficient and longer-lasting comfort in every environment. 
Coleman Advantage Buildings
Coleman Advantage

Innovation From the Beginning

Known for our rugged reliability, efficiency and history of innovation, products from Coleman® HVAC live up to the legacy. Since our founding in 1900, Coleman® has led the way in durability, innovation and value – and that heritage lives on today. 

Coleman® HVAC has led the way on quality and reliability ever since our first heating and air conditioning products hit the market in 1958. Today, our team remains focused on creating heating and cooling products that advance the art of comfort for every customer, in every application. 

Driven by Performance

Our continual focus on innovation has lead to breakthrough advancements in efficiency and convenience. For example, our Coleman® Point™ Choice rooftop units feature the most economical comfort cooling in the 15-27.5 ton range. Choice rooftop units provide 23% greater part-load efficiency than our legacy-comparable standard-efficiency units and nearly 15% higher IEER ratings than some competitive high-efficiency units. 

And when it comes to convenience, many of our rooftop units (Coleman® Point™ Pro, Coleman® Point™ Core and Coleman® Point™ Choice) fit competitive rooftop curbs, saving on time and installation costs. And thanks to their lightweight design, they can further save by eliminating the need for additional structural engineering analysis. 
Coleman HVAC Advantage
HVAC Advantage

A Focus on Quality

As a leading manufacturer of heating and air conditioning products, Coleman® HVAC has a history of rugged reliability, backed by class-leading innovation. It's a history that continues to this day, and it's a focus that allows us to provide some of the most efficient, most dependable products on the market today.

To help fulfill our promise of reliable comfort, we depend on our dedicated team of expert service and support professionals. Whether it's a system retrofit, a brand-new installation, or a simple maintenance call, we provide the very best support possible. That's why Coleman® HVAC has a reputation for outstanding quality, backed by world-class customer service.