Coleman® Manufactured Housing Products

Big Performance in a Small Footprint

The complete range of Coleman® HVAC furnaces, split-system air conditioners and heat pumps for manufactured housing provides efficient comfort backed by best-in-class warranties.


YORK® | Precise Consistent Temperatures
Reduced Energy Costs

Coleman® manufactured housing products meet comfort and budget requirements thanks to features like advanced blower motors and proven single-stage compressors.

YORK® | Quiet Operation
Trusted Support

You can rest assured your new manufactured housing product is accurately installed and serviced when you work with our Certified Comfort Expert™ contractors.

YORK® | Lower Energy Bills
Absolute Assurance

With precision craftsmanship and industry-leading warranties, Coleman® manufactured housing products provide peace of mind that lasts.

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Efficiency Range : 80% AFUE
Sound Levels : Good
Price Range : $
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Sound Levels : Best
Price Range : $
Efficiency Range : 95% AFUE
Sound Levels : Good
Price Range : $

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